12 Week Online HOME Challenge

Santé Spring Challenge
12 Week Program 
Back by popular demand, introducing our FIRST EVER online HOME Fitness CHALLENGE !
This means no matter what you can smash out a workout with us for 12 weeks! Don't let this year stop you from achieving your goals. You will get full access to a 12 week program plus video demos. I will be keeping you accountable each day via the app that connects to your Diet + Fitness Watch. 
Join my team and transform your body and your mind set when it comes to training & fitness. This program has been structured into 4 phases. This program is exactly how i train ! You will learn a range of training techniques & exercises that i use when getting ready for a Bikini Competition or Photoshoot. 

What Equipment is needed?
This program has been designed to need minimal equipment, but the more you have the more variety you can add. But what you will NEED in order to complete this program :  
  1. Fitness Mat
  2. Booty Bands 
  3. Set of Dumbbells 
  4. Skipping Rope 


The structure of this program has been designed for fat loss, growing your booty and building lean muscle. For only $35 a Week ! This is how i train in order to achieve the best results in the gym. 

Whats included?
  • 4 x 3 Week Training Phases
  • Video Demos 
  • Track your weights in an App 
  • 3 Lower Body + 2 Upper Body + 1 HIIT
  • Personalised Macros & Calories 
  • Personalised Steps 
  • 4 x Online Consults for progress check ins 
  • Hook up the program to My Fitness pal + Your Apple or Fitbit watch

JOIN ME AND 100's of other girls ! We all started somewhere, this program has been create for all fitness levels ! So beginner or advance lets work hard for 12 weeks and achieve amazing results. 

*This program is ran through an app so an account must be made
* All programs are non-refundable, selecting this program you will receive nutritional advice and learn tools on Flexi Dieting along side example meal GUIDES only.