IN PERSON - SSC 12 Week Challenge

Santé Spring Challenge
12 Week Program 
Dates: August 2nd - October 22nd
Are you ready to get Spring Ready!
You will not only get full access to a 12 week program plus video demos, but able to come train with me in person!
I will be keeping you accountable each day via the app that connects to your Diet + Fitness Watch. 
Join my team and transform your body and your mind set when it comes to training & fitness. This program has been structured into 4 phases. This program is exactly how i train ! You will learn a range of training techniques & exercises that i use when getting ready for a Bikini Competition or Photoshoot. 

The structure of this program has been designed for fat loss, growing your booty and building lean muscle. For only $50 a Week ! This is how i train in order to achieve the best results in the gym. 

Whats included?
  • 4 x 3 Week Training Phases
  • In person sessions
  • Invite to End of Challenge Dinner Celebration
  • Video Demos 
  • Track your weights in an App 
  • 3 Lower Body + 2 Upper Body + 1 HIIT
  • Personalised Macros & Calories 
  • Personalised Steps 
  • 4 x Online Consults for progress check ins 
  • Hook up the program to My Fitness pal + Your Apple or Fitbit watch

**Gym membership is required but NOT included in final website price

Did someone say PRIZES?  

As always my challenges do involve a prize to help motivate you through the 12 week program. 

The lucky winner of this Online SSC 12 Week Challenge will win the following:
  • 1 x PDF Follow Up Training Program (value $300) 
  • $200 Santé Collection Voucher 
  • $500 Cash Prize 
JOIN ME AND 100's of other girls ! We all started somewhere, this program has been create for all fitness levels ! So beginner or advance lets work hard for 12 weeks and achieve amazing results. 

*This program is ran through an app so an account must be made
* All programs are non-refundable, selecting this program you will receive nutritional advice and learn tools on Flexi Dieting along side example meal GUIDES only.