Bikini Body 8 week program

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Well look no further it’s time to commit and work towards that bikini bod! This Ebook will guide you on your bikini body journey.

Eight weeks to commit and start making those transformations you need in time for Summer. We work on building peachy Glutes and toning the upper body so you can have that hour glass figure. Wanting to shred down? Additional cardio sessions to help you lose unwanted body fat as well 🙊 learn how to eat in moderation ! No crazy crash diets we are here for the long haul. You can learn how to enjoy all the foods you love and still get results. 

What is included?

2 x 4 week Training Blocks 

Split into 4 x Weighted gym sessions & 1 x HIIT session + additional optional shred sessions 

Personalised macros / calories for the full 8 weeks to be tracked into my-fitness pal. You will learn how to use the technique "Flexible dieting" 

Private  FB Page with lots of meal ideas, tip & tricks + live workouts

24/7 access to me 


JOIN ME AND 100's of other girls ! We all started somewhere, this program has been create for all fitness levels ! So beginner or advance lets work hard for 12 weeks and achieve amazing results. 

*This is a PDF program 
* All programs are non-refundable, selecting this program you will receive nutritional advice and learn tools on Flexi Dieting along side example meal GUIDES only. 

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