Welcome to 30 days of fitmas! A program designed to help you keep moving during the festive season. This program has not been designed for dramatic physically change, but to push you mentally out of your comfort zone. Let's be real, your going to want to enjoy the last few days of 2021 with Drinks and Food. So why not a program that helps you stay fit and healthy whilst you enjoy those end of year celebrations? 

This program is all about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. Setting different mini challengers each week along side your training program. 

This 30 day program is broken into 2 x 2 week training phases, please note the training schedule in the pictures. For $1.60 per day, less then a bottle of water you will be given 5 workouts per week each with video demos, macros to try to stick too during the week (especially your protein target). Daily steps + many little mini goals to tick off during the 30 days to keep you motivated to finish the program.

Incase you skipped the paragraphs ;) Whats included 

  • 2 x 2 week GYM BASED training blocks
  • Macro guide to follow personally
  • All workouts have video demos
  • App access
  • Facebook group for support 
  • Weekly accountability check list 
  • Steps goal 
  • ONLY $1.60 a day 

Now the questions is are you ready to set some positive changes into your routine in order to bring a positive change to 2022 ? 


*Starting Date November 25th can start the Monday 22nd 

JOIN ME AND 100's of other girls ! We all started somewhere, this program has been create for all fitness levels ! 

*This program is ran through an app so an account must be made
* All programs are non-refundable, selecting this program you will receive nutritional advice and learn tools on Flexi Dieting along side example meal GUIDES only.